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Hi, My name is Danny, and I have lived in the Charleston area for the last 18 years. Please let me show you how solar can eliminate your monthly electric bill and increase the equity of your home ! I can answer all of your questions about solar.

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55 % of the total cost of your system will be paid by the government and most homeowners do qualify !

Solar is NOW very affordable and profitable for the home owner !

Turn a bill that will never be paid off into an asset which can be paid for and save you money !

Living paycheck to paycheck ?  Then why not pay less for Power you will OWN ??? !!!!!……………

Common Misconceptions

1. – “I cant afford it” – answer = yes you can ! we eliminate your current power bill that would never have been paid off then replace it with an equal or lesser (SET ) amount that applies to ownership ! once the system is paid for * You the home owner will then be FREE FROM PAYMENTS FOR POWER !  AND THIS IS WITH NO UPFRONT COST !

 2. We will be moving soon – GREAT !  because the system increases your equity !!!! so by adding the cost of the system to the value of your home when selling you will have eliminated all solar cost and you will also be able to earn a margin of profit as well should you choose to do so !  A SOLAR home with no Utility bill Sells Faster !!!

3. They Wont Produce enough power >>>> Yes they produce a great deal of power and the Utility company becomes your ” BANK ” that retains the power for when you need it _ Night fall _ Rainy Days _ Etc..

                   All backed by Amazing warranties >>>> 25 years on the panels 10 years on the inverter !!!!

                     IF ANY DAMAGES OCCUR   YOUR PANELS WILL BE REPLACED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( We do Ownership !!!!) ( NO LEASING )  ( And YOU the homeowner receive the tax benefit !!!!! )


Mission Statement

The mission of Solar In South Carolina is to provide South Carolina residents with the know how to power their homes and businesses with solar energy. Some homeowners,  think its just a gimmick or just another item being sold door to door, “that is not the case” !  The residents of South Carolina need to feel comfortable about solar installations.  They need to know what’s involved and to make sure it is right for them. The cost of solar power has decreased to the point that it is cheaper to go solar and provide your own power instead of buying it from the power companies. The goal of this site is to provide the residents of our State information and knowledge to make the best choices when considering going solar. Be careful though, there are companies in our state that Lease equipment to the homeowner and by doing so the equipment does not belong to the homeowner so the business that provided the lease option takes all the Solar tax credit that should have gone other wise to benefitting the homeowner !…… The homeowner looses in that case !

We are a good company who offers a top quality product, installation and interest rates that are truly amazing for the homeowner ! the objective is to first discover if going solar is right for you. Going solar with the right company is Key ! One which offers a very reliable product very reliable service and very reliable warranty.The main objective of a better solar company is to obtain your average month to month utility usage combined with building an appropriate design based on your roof design and location. the more South your roof is facing the greater the production ! Once a plan is built you are typically given a choice of a new lower payment that is equal to or lower than the payment you were making to the utility company. Here is an important part – Once you decide to go solar, You will not have a out of pocket payment up front, and what you were paying to the utility company before stops once your solar panels are on your roof, you are now producing your own power and paying equal to or less than what you were paying the utility company for a system that will belong to you once its paid off. For most homeowners there is also a 55% tax incentive that pays for more than half your system cost. At this point, you are paying for a power system that belongs to you versus renting your power from the utility company, that would other wise have never been paid off. A good warranty is key to protect your new investment that has now turned your power bill into an asset that saves you lots of money, produces power and increases the value of your home at the same time. If you are interested in going Solar we have highly knowledgeable and very recommended representatives who will gladly assist you with making the most of your new decision on going solar.

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